Overcoming a high Pace

We came, saw, tottered, fell. We resurged. We Conquered!

It was late January and the chairman of the ten-man committee had held only one meeting. I was doubtful of our success and this I told him, to his face. Having worked in more than half a dozen committees in Nigerian Federation of Catholic Students, I didn’t take care in dishing out my fears. First, ten was little a number and that meant only five/four persons will work.

I would acknowledge this particular seminar the most challenging yet most successful. Where will I start? Was it the fight for a theme?The banner unveiling fracas? The countless fights(both online and offline) among committee members?the change of venue?or having low self esteem?

The previous internship seminar organized by the Pacesetters(the final year class)was very big and we had no option than to do more. The pressure alone to achieve this was huge. In all these things, the coordinator of the class , Eze Paul was determined to sail this responsibility of organizing an industrial training(Internship) seminar to the shore.

I want to write about the meetings we held standing, the ones we held under the rain, the ones I dozed through for want of sleep, the calls we made asking for redemption of pledges, the days the chairman- Otuosorochi Victor slept in town, the times we spent our personal money, the nights we could spare barely two hours worth of sleep,enough!I feel I should write about everything!

But I will rather write about our strengths, especially in publicity. The road painting and the trending hashtag #internsmart on social media. The graphics we used for online publicity and how everyday there was something to publicize about the seminar. I will write about the Chairman’s dogged determination, his constant recourse to the Patron of the Pacesetter class. I will also write about the commitment of the committee members, pre-seminar, seminar and post seminar. I’d write about our high level of team work throughout the seminar and the massive turnout we had.

picture of backdrop

However, I want the Emerald class and every other person organizing a seminar to take note of the following.

  • Manage time effectively from the beginning, especially if speakers turn out more than expected.
  • Warn the MC to cut down on his jokes so that pockets of time will be picked up from there
  • Don’t get engrossed in one speaker lest the others might be overlooked, like we were carried away with Mundus’ red carpet session and we didn’t know when the speaker after him left the venue.
that smile when Uwakwe Martin Mundus acclaims your seminar the best.
  • Increase the amount for tickets sold on the day, that way more funds come in and the probability of breaking even is higher. This is not cheating.
  • Find a means of raising funds apart from freewill donation; the sale of material that we wore for thanksgiving the day after, was a very effective way of raising funds.
  • Get an adviser that is not a student and in the absence of a patron like in our case, then make sure there is someone to run to at any point in time.
  • Consult others who have organized similar events with your intended level of success or close, learn from their wealth of experience
  • Make a novena to St. Joseph or any other saint. Although we didn’t make any particular novena, we almost always beckoned on our Lady of perpetual help during our meetings.
  • The financial controller should guide the Chairman against on the spur of the moment decisions no matter how nice,to avoid going into debt keep your budget in mind!
  • Online publicity is key! let the hashtag trend before, during and after the event.
Guest speakers listening to Dr. Chinyere’s session. L-R: Mr. Obi Nwosu(ITF representative), Mr. Njoku PeterPaul, Ekezie Chisom and Uwakwe Martin Mundus
L-R;Charles, Chidi, Paul,Joy, Dr. Chinyere Madu, Theresa, Victor(Chairman), Samuel
my stressed face after the event

I will join Shakespeare to exclaim; “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!”. First, my unalloyed gratitude goes to the almighty God. Special thanks goes to Neon graphics for designing at a very cheap rate,Dr. Cosmas Nwakanma(patron of pacesetter 2018 class) for his fatherly care, Mik Odinks events for the decorations,all committee members especially the indefatigable committee chairman for all the sacrifices and FUTOTUBE for all our fine fine pictures.

Dr. Nwakanma doing what he knows best.

I thank the ITF representative for doing justice to SIWES and clearing misconceptions, Dr. Nwakanma for exposing us to the principles of social networking and Dr. Mrs. Chinyere Madu for giving us tips on how to deal with sexual harassment. I will not fail to acknowledge Uwakwe Martin Mundus’s session on digital skills,very rich and action provoking. Ekezie Chisom did great with internsmart(CV and Cover letters), her style of delivery was as captivating as it was interesting. Stanley Lemchi’s spoken word poetry was thrilling and drama filled. Mr. Njoku PeterPaul and Mr. Nnebue Obinna also did well in their sessions.

cross section of attentive participants
me assisting the anchors with protocol

I’m more grateful than anyone, because this gave me an opportunity to develop my content writing skills and also interviewing the speakers added a feather to my journalist cap, not to mention my role as financial controller for the committee. This seminar was indeed a dawn for all 400 level NFCSers(Emerald Class), I was impressed beyond bounds and Hope for the future was awakened!

To the 190 participants, you are awesome! even those that bought tickets and couldn’t make it, the zobo went round because of this. Stella did great with the meat-pies and zobo! I’m super grateful to everybody that contributed in one way or the other!

Eze Paul(Coordinator of the class) and Brenda his assistant
Chairman and vice chairman with Nora photobombing
adjusting my lens to a better seminar in future!
Committee members posing for a picture after mass(Mbah Charles was already at Legion meeting by then). L-R: (first row)Samuel, Nora, Brenda, Joy, Paul, Augusta, Victor,Laura, Theresa, Marcel,PraiseGod, Lucia. Second rowL-R: Gabriel, Chidi,Peter,Kizito Duru, Kizito Mbachu, Damian, Henry.

Volunteering with NFCS is bae! You don’t get paid but you learn a lot! The baton is in the hands of Misericordiae 2020 class!

Let’s do this again guys!


group photograph of Emerald2019 class…#theovercomers




creative, amongst other things.

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Theresa Oyim

Theresa Oyim

creative, amongst other things.

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